At 21st Street Dental Group, our goal is to preserve the teeth of our patients in any way possible. Sometimes, this could involve removing a tooth from the mouth. Although this may sound counterintuitive, removal of teeth can improve the oral health of patients that are suffering from severe decay, infections, inflammation, disease, and more.

We use the most advanced technology to make sure that your extraction is comfortable, safe, and effective. Your extraction could either be simple or complex, depending on the severity of dental issues as well as what teeth are being removed from the mouth.

Simple Extractions

During a simple extraction, your dentist will loosen the affected tooth using a device known as an elevator. Once it is loose enough, forceps will be used to pull the tooth from the gums. This procedure is fairly common and straight-forward, so there is nothing to worry about.

Surgical Extractions

In some cases, removing a tooth surgically is required. When this occurs, it is usually due to the tooth being broken, cracked, or impacted. You will feel comfortable throughout the procedure but may experience some minor pain for the next few days that can be managed using pain medication.

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth grow in later in life, but they can cause problems in some patients and require extraction. When a wisdom tooth is removed, it is likely due to one of three reasons:

  • – There is not enough room in the mouth
  • – They are not cleaned properly
  • – They are impacted in the mouth

If your wisdom tooth is causing you pain, seek the help of a dentist near you that can alleviate the pain by pinpointing the root cause of the issue, and rendering effective treatment.

Schedule an Appointment

If you’re worried about having a tooth extracted, you can call our office or visit 21st Street Dental Group to discuss your oral health and options to preserve your teeth. We even offer same day extractions, so you don’t have to worry about returning to the dentist multiple times to improve your oral health.