Sometimes a filling isn’t enough to make sure that your teeth are fully functional and sturdy. If that’s the case, your 21st Street Dental Group professional in Colorado Springs, CO may recommend a dental crown be placed on the tooth. A dental crown preserves the structural integrity of the tooth, so you’ll be able to eat and drink comfortably without having to worry about the tooth becoming more damaged over time.

Your dentist will need to a few things to prepare your crown and make sure that it fits over your tooth perfectly.


First, your dentist will need to take impressions of the tooth and select the right shade for your crown so that it blends in perfectly with your natural teeth. A model will be made of your tooth so that the crown can be designed to look exactly like your natural teeth. An x-ray may also be performed as an extra precaution to avoid making the crown the wrong size or shape.

Once the impressions have been taken, your dentist will begin to prepare the tooth by making it smaller. This is so that the crown, which is a covering for the tooth, fits over it and there is enough room in the mouth to keep from pushing into other teeth. It fits securely, keeping out bacteria and plaque that could cause damage to the structure of the tooth underneath it.

Crown Installation

After the tooth has been prepared, your dentist will provide you with a temporary crown until the final crown has been designed and received by the dental office. Once your dentist has the crown, you will need to visit their office to get it installed. This is simple and typically involves numbing the tooth and cleaning it before using a special dental cement to bond the crown to your tooth. Your bite will be checked to make sure everything is ideal, and then you can be on your way with a crown and set of instructions for taking care of your new tooth cover.

If you’re wondering whether or not a dental crown is ideal for your tooth, visit your local Colorado Springs 21st Street Dental Group dentist and get more information about the health of your teeth.