Your smile is the first thing others see when you introduce yourself, so you should make sure that it looks fabulous. 21st Street Dental Group provides all kinds of cosmetic services to give patients a smile that they will love.

Cosmetic Services We Offer

Our goal is to give you a beautiful and healthy smile. In order to do that, we offer various cosmetic services so that you can achieve your ideal smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is a very common procedure that whitens teeth and brightens smiles. Your dentist can perform whitening on your teeth safely and effectively, improving your look by providing in office and at home whitening.


Veneers are placed on the visible front surface of teeth, beautifying your smile and giving you the confidence needed to live life to the fullest.


A dental crown can be used to restore the appearance and the function of teeth. Your original tooth will be covered with the crown, which acts as a cap protecting the tooth from damage.


Dental implants are put into the mouth surgically and used to hold restorative prosthetics in place. Implants are great for replacing a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth in the mouth.

Teeth Shaping

Your enamel can be shaped to give you the look you want for your teeth. This can make teeth look more even, and the effects are immediate, allowing you to modify your appearance and smile with confidence.


Tooth bonding involves using a material that is the color of your teeth to improve their appearance or restore the structure of teeth. It’s used when teeth are broken, cracked, stained, or chipped.


Orthodontic treatment is a way to change the entire alignment of your smile over a prolonged period of time. Depending on the orthodontic treatment chosen, your smile could look more beautiful in less than 12 months.

If you are considering cosmetic procedures to make your smile look amazing, visit 21st Street Dental Group to work with highly trained dental professionals that specialize in giving patients beautiful and healthy teeth. Schedule your appointment today, and get the smile you’ve always wanted.