Gift Yourself and Your Loved Ones with A Healthier Smile

Gift Yourself and Your Loved Ones with A Healthier Smile

August 1, 2019

It would be a safe assumption that the majority of adults have at least one thing about their smile they want to improve. And in some cases, there may be more than one thing. But the good news in modern dentistry is that smile makeovers can be as simple as a professional tooth whitening from a dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, to a full-mouth restoration. And even better news is that you can gift any one of these makeover procedures to yourself or a loved one when you contact a dentist near you like 21st Street Dental Group.

Want to Give the Gift of an Immediate and Dramatic Change?

If you want to gift someone with an immediate and dramatic change to their smile, you can gift them with professional teeth whitening in our office. Depending on the shade that’s desired, results can be achieved in just one dental visit. That’s a vast improvement to the weeks and months that most over-the-counter products ask for when promising their results. Do you have a child graduating from college soon? Considering gifting them a smile that is sure to open doors for them as they move into the next phase of their lives.

There’s More Than Professional Teeth Whitening to Choose From

Many adult patients wish they had taken care of their crooked teeth when they were younger by means of traditional braces. Fortunately, adults can now receive benefits of straighter teeth without the embarrassments of a mouth full of metal thanks to invisible braces from a dentist in 80904. Invisible braces are no different than traditional metal orthodontics except they are more discreet! Ceramic braces and other clear teeth straighteners in Colorado Springs provide patients of 21st Street Dental Group with an equally effective treatment option. And although clear aligner treatment may seem expensive when it’s looked at for the whole treatment time, portions of the treatment plan make a great gift for someone you love!

How a Dentist Near You in Colorado Springs Can Help

If you have any complaints about the appearance of your teeth – or the teeth of someone that you want to help improve — feel free to let us know. We take pride in giving patients a smile they’ll long be thankful for!