Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Dentists in Colorado Springs

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Dentists in Colorado Springs

March 2, 2021

Finding an ideal dentist can be daunting, and there are aspects you need to consider. Here’s a look at the services offered by our dentists in Colorado Springs.

Your oral hygiene has various implications on your overall health, and it’s vital to find appropriate dentistry near you. Dental issues are diverse, and your treatment may require multiple dental health specialists to address them. Our dentist in Colorado Springs is well-equipped to provide you with a comprehensive range of treatment options that involve restorative procedures, emergency, orthodontic and preventive dental care.

Our Dentistry Services

At 21st Street Dental Group, we offer comprehensive dentistry services that incorporate the following practices:

  • Our periodontists ensure your gum tissues are healthy and free from periodontal disease that leads to inflammation. We recommend you undergo periodic professional cleaning to prevent the formation of plaque and tartar.
  • Misaligned, overcrowded teeth are addressed via orthodontic procedures. We utilize Invisalign aligners to revamp your smile and align your teeth. Our orthodontic procedures ensure that your aesthetic dental is restored.
  • Your dentist at 80904 provides family-based treatment approaches to ensure that you and your child find a suitable treatment. Pediatric procedures involve the placement of dental sealants and fluoride treatment to prevent the formation of cavities. Your family finds adequate guidelines on how to preserve oral tissues through the ideal oral hygiene regimen.
  • General dentistry at our dental facility involves therapeutic and preventive options. Dental exams and cleaning by the dentist near you minimize the risk of having oral infections. During your appointment, we diagnose and provide treatment for underlying issues before the issues become severe.

    Enhancing Your Smile at Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Colorado Springs

    Dentistry advancements have enabled us to provide you with aesthetically appealing smiles through a variety of cosmetic procedures. Our cosmetic approaches seamlessly correct various aesthetic flaws by:

  • Replacing broken or missing teeth
  • Closing gaps between your teeth
  • Reshaping your gum tissues
  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Restoring chipped teeth
  • Brightening discoloured or severely stained teeth

Our cosmetic procedures are personalized, and they include:

  • Porcelain veneers that are bonded on your tooth to seal gaps and correct other dental imperfections
  • Dental implants to replace a severely damaged or missing tooth
  • Bridges are custom-made appliances used to replace a missing tooth.
  • Tooth crown that’s placed over your dental implant to reinforce your tooth structure
  • Partial or complete dentures to replace missing teeth
  • Dental fillings to seal cavities and prevent further decay

Emergency Dental Treatment Options in Colorado Springs

The emergency dentist near you addresses unprecedented issues that require immediate medical treatment. Traumatic injuries on your mouth may lead to tooth knock-out, excessive bleeding and severe pain. Bacterial infections can also affect your dental if left untreated. Some of the emergency dental issues include:

  • A dental abscess causes inflammation of your gum tissues, and if untreated, the condition may lead to sensitivity and pain. Your periodontist can treat periodontal disease and prevent further complications.
  • Traumatic injuries may lead to tooth knock-out, and the emergency dentist near you can save your natural tooth from permanent loss.
  • Tooth pain and inflammation occur due to gum disease, teeth clenching, tooth decay or cavities. Dental extraction can be performed, and medication recommended for your treatment.
  • Excessive bleeding occurs due to gingivitis or gum disease. Our dentist at 80904 can develop a treatment plan to restore healthy gum tissues. It’s crucial to undergo oral cancer screening and early treatment to avoid extensive dental procedures. Advanced gum disease can lead to continuous bleeding, and you need to make an appointment with your emergency dentist.
  • A chipped, broken or cracked tooth can lead to discomfort. Fissures on your tooth’s chewing surfaces may lead to sensitivity, and you need to undergo placement of fissure sealants to prevent further damage. Bacterial infection on your chipped teeth can lead to further damage.
  • Facial swelling is an indicator of an underlying issue. It’s vital to visit your dentist if your jaw bone or tooth is painful to prevent serious complications. Oral infections can also lead to swelling of soft oral tissues.

Our dental facility in Colorado Springs offers a wide range of dental services to ensure your oral health is maintained. We provide personalized treatment on your underlying issue to ensure you find desired outcomes. The cosmetic dentistry in Colorado Springs incorporates various smile makeover options to restore your aesthetic smile. Our experienced specialists work together to provide family-based dental care. If you require emergency dental care and other general dentistry services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialists today!