Causes and Tips for Coping with Sensitive Teeth

Causes and Tips for Coping with Sensitive Teeth

June 16, 2019

The fact is that having sensitive teeth is never any fun. In some cases, the condition can become so problematic that it causes you to search for a dentist near you or a dentist in Colorado Springs, CO that provides specialized treatment for your woes. Although a multi-specialty dentist in 80904 such as 21st Street Dental Group offers diagnosis and treatment for sensitive teeth, you may want to know some additional information about the condition. If so, keep reading to learn more.

What You Can Do Before Your Dental Appointment

You’ll want to make a note of the circumstances that cause your teeth to be sensitive. Does it happen only when you brush your teeth or floss? Or does it happen when you eat cold foods like ice cream or drink cold beverages? Also, pay special attention to the tooth (or teeth) that are involved. Every patient will have a different set of circumstances that lead to their condition, and the dental care team or dentist in Colorado Springs, CO will want to know yours!

You Might Want to Be Prepared for What the Dentist Will Tell You

Although sensitive teeth can be a sign of any number of underlying conditions such as gum or periodontal disease, your dentist may discover that yours is from an old filling, a new cavity, or a crack in a tooth. Other factors that may be contributing to your condition could be worn enamel or receding gums. But whatever the cause, a dental exam is the only way to determine the exact cause and treat it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Looking for Quick Relief?

All you have to do is watch television to see the many commercials advertising over-the-counter treatment for sensitive teeth. And while some of these treatments may be effective for mild discomfort, they fall short in two categories. First, they can sometimes take months to work – if at all — since advertising typically over-promises and under-delivers. And second, if your tooth sensitivity is caused by a structural problem such as a crack or a cavity, no amount of toothpaste can correct those conditions! That’s why the most cost-effective treatment for sensitive teeth and gums is to visit a multi-specialty dentist in Colorado Springs like the caring team at 21st Street Dental Group.